PhysioBuddie is a secure, online software platform dedicated to supporting patients during their 24-week post-operative rehabilitation process for total knee, hip replacement, achilles, anterior cruciate ligaments and muscle injuries.

We guide patients through strategies designed to recover tissues and joints with 128 individual physiotherapy video sessions. Each session is pre-programmed to follow the rehabilitation stages for total knee and hip post-operative recovery.

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Guiding patients to self-care, with personalised support

With practical information and a structured regime, we help your patients get on the road to recovery in no time.

Physio Buddie helps patients take the first step to recovery with:

  • Digestible sessions

    Patients will have access to guided video tutorials and useful information, based on proven rehabilitation care pathways.

  • Easy access

    Forget heaps of paper and information leaflets, your patients can access the tutorials from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone!

  • Personalised Support

    With commentary, FAQs, and tailored feedback, we’ll make sure patients are confident in their progress and optimising exercises to ensure the best recovery.

We’re with each patient, every step of the way

Using proven recovery strategies in line with NHS standards, we’ve created a patient-led 4 stage rehabilitation pathway to help patients get back to feeling like themselves.

  • Phase 1: Weeks 0 – 2

    Phase 1 helps patients to manage the acute stage of the rehabilitation process, restore movement, and reduce pain with a low-level exercise routine they can perform up to 2 times per day.

  • Phase 2: Weeks 2 – 6

    Phase 2 will give patients a structured daily rehabilitation schedule. Patients will begin to return to a full range of motion through gait re-education and strengthening exercises.

  • Phase 3: Weeks 6 – 12

    Phase 3 marks the half-way point of the PhysioBuddie process! Patients will be able to fully bear weight, complete all daily living tasks such as stairs and shopping, and potentially return to work.

  • Phase 4: Weeks 12 – 24

    Phase 4 provides a platform for patients to return to a more active lifestyle and gentle sports by performing more intense exercises up to 3 to 4 days a week.

Maximising physiotherapists, day-to-day

PhysioBuddie was created to ease the burden placed on physiotherapists so that you can focus on doing what you love: helping patients have the best quality of life.

  • Full recovery

    PhysioBuddie provides a progressive loading programme and structured rehabilitation process from post-surgery to full recovery.

  • Help patients remotely

    A complete remote service in line with NHS reset and new NICE guidelines, reducing face-to-face appointments for physiotherapy and consultant follow-up appointments.

  • Meet KPIs

    Reduce ‘Did Not Attends’, readmission, secondary operations, waiting lists, and caseloads.

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We’ll demonstrate how the sessions work for your patients and discuss how the software can seamlessly integrate into your processes to benefit your team.

  • Managed content for guided self-care
  • Help patients recover any time, anywhere
  • Save physiotherapists time and meet targets
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